November 25, 2014 – 2:57 PM | No Comment

Omen Longboards started with the Carbon Matrix, which was the collaboration between a bunch of local Seattle skaters including Nate Blackburn and Trevor Preston. Omen didn’t have a physical location at the time, so the Matrix was outsourced to a local company. Due to the relatively low price tag (compared to other carbon boards) Omen gained some notoriety pretty quickly. After a little under a year, Omen procured space in a north Seattle garage and started producing the first Pike prototypes.

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Longboard Girls Crew
November 11, 2014 – 4:41 PM | No Comment

If you’ve been paying attention for a few years, I’m sure you’ve noticed the evolution that women in this sport have been going through. It’s not simply the number of women involved, but also the level of the riding. This high level of performance is setting the bar for the new generation of women, and they are rising up to meet it. Kim Woozy is the founder of Mahfia, which is a network of female pro athletes, artists and in action sports culture.

Longboard Girls Crew
October 10, 2013 – 12:45 PM | No Comment
Longboard Girls Crew

Hey, everyone! Longboard Girls Crew have big news for this issue! As you may have read on the Web, we have an exciting new film project coming out. But first let’s talk about what’s going on in the female longboard scene around the world. North America races were ace! Never in the history of this sport have so many women competed on a professional level, and few things can make us prouder. Elena Corrigall absolutely killed it in almost every race, as did Anna O’Neill, Katie Neilson, Tamara Prader and Victoria Waddington, just to name a few … extremely exciting, tight heats.

Longboard Girls Crew: Open – A Skate Trip to Israel
August 17, 2013 – 4:10 PM | No Comment
Longboard Girls Crew: Open – A Skate Trip to Israel

Exactly two years after our previous audiovisual project Endless Roads which reached over 3.000.000 views; we’re hitting the road again and starting a new adventure that will be documented as a full-length movie.

La Muella Freeride
April 18, 2013 – 12:29 PM | No Comment
La Muella Freeride

After an outstanding first edition, La Muela Freeride is back in Zaragoza, Spain. Despite its short life, this is already one of the most awaited events in Spain, running out of inscriptions after 48hs of opening them. Organized by Longboard Zaragoza, Longboard Girls Crew and Caribbean Sport Shop, this year’s freeride has a new approach that includes donating all the benefits that might be generated to the NGO KASAK, an organization that works to promote social sustainability in urban and rural Nicaragua.

Girls Can Definitley Ride! A History of The Longboard Girls Crew
September 7, 2012 – 6:17 PM | No Comment
Girls Can Definitley Ride! A History of The Longboard Girls Crew

Many things have happened since we first opened a Facebook fan page called “Longboard Girls Crew” (LGC) in August 2010. At that time, the main idea was to meet, hang out and skate together. We realized the energy around was different when the riders were only girls.

Endless Roads 3 – Land of Castles
January 30, 2012 – 3:00 PM | No Comment
Endless Roads 3 – Land of Castles

Endless Roads 3: Land of Castles – Featuring Rayne Team Rider Marisa Nunez – a Roadtrip in Spain with the Longboard Girls Crew – In this third episode, we return from Mallorca and visit Carlota’s parents in their family house in Denia.