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Omen Longboards started with the Carbon Matrix, which was the collaboration between a bunch of local Seattle skaters including Nate Blackburn and Trevor Preston. Omen didn’t have a physical location at the time, so the Matrix was outsourced to a local company. Due to the relatively low price tag (compared to other carbon boards) Omen gained some notoriety pretty quickly. After a little under a year, Omen procured space in a north Seattle garage and started producing the first Pike prototypes.

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Concrete Wave Noteworthy Fall 2013 Part 2

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Latest Blast from the Fall 2013 Concrete Wave Magazine. Get all the ins and outs of the latest in gear and company info. This issue showcases companies such as Loaded with the cork board finished Tesseract, Predator Helmets new FR7 Helmets, Zombie Bone Precisions, and many more. Check out part 2 of the Fall 2013 Noteworthy right here on AXS Gear.

How did your company start?

Oliver Dehmel: Björn [Hekmati] and I took some wood, got in our little garage-backyard-workshop and tried to build the best longboard for our needs.Row of decks made by Olsen and Hekmati.What is it like being a part of the German longboard scene?

Olsen and Hetmati sanding boardsIt’s really a great feeling to see how things are growing over here! We receive a lot of sup- port from the German scene, and we try our very best to give something back and keep long- boarding growing.

What are some of the reasons that your boards are different?

Our roots are designing the boards functional to suit the rider’s style of skateboarding. In addition we will stay with our minimalistic and clean wooden design. But for us the most important fact is to keep progressing in terms of quality and function of our boards! We are always in the process of prototyping to create new molds for next season’s lineup.

What is your company philosophy?

We want to keep growing with the scene and be able to react to the needs of all different kinds of riders.

Is it difficult to be in Europe developing long- board products? Do you have plans to move to the United States?

I think for a small but growing longboard company, the European scene is a good place to be right now! The scene and events have been growing constantly over the past few years, and we are happy to be a part of it. Moving our boards to the U.S. sounds awesome, and we will try to keep growing until we can make that step! We will have to increase amounts, manage shipping issues and find new part- ners, so it will take its time. We don’t want to act overhasty, but I think it could come true!

We had an opportunity to meet up with Chris Northwood of Antics International, which has taken over the distribution of Dregs Skateboards. The founder of Dregs, Biker Sherlock, will be managing the brand.Rebirth Dregs with Biker Sherlock and Chris Northwood.How long had you been investigating the longboard market?

We had been looking into the longboard market seriously for about two years, but when I invented Theeve Titanium Trucks’ axleless hanger concept back in 2007, I’d thought there may be potential for a titanium truck in longboarding. So I’ve been looking at that market in one way or another for five or six years. We got involved with Dregs earlier this year.

What drew you to it and specifically to Dregs?

The 16-year history and heritage of the brand and the person behind it were two of the major factors. Biker was one of the OG longboarding guys. He was there when Sector 9 was started, helped put downhill racing events on the map and has helped grow the industry. Dregs is also against the grain and [does] its own thing, so I liked that also. At Antics, we’ve always tried to disrupt the status quo, with titanium trucks or starting the first action sports belt and wallet brand in Armourdillo. That’s why we called it “Antics.” Dregs had a “we’re doing it our way” mentality, and I like that. I also thought Antics could bring something to the table with Dregs and build on the strengths to make it bigger and better than ever. It had a lot of potential!

Antics distributes a fairly eclectic mix of product. How do you see longboard product fitting in, and what roles will Biker be doing?

We think a distributor should have a mix of brands, so we can service our accounts with a wide range of products shipping in the same box, so to speak. We already service 750-plus skate, surf and action sport lifestyle accounts in the USA, plus we have distributor partners in around 60 countries. With Dregs’ cus- tomer list in the USA, it will likely grow 30% or more. Biker is still a financial partner. He’s the founder and will continue to lead technical product development, be involved in marketing and spend a lot of time on the road visiting retailers. Most of all, he’ll be at events, racing and supporting a new team of Dregs riders that he’ll be putting together soon.

Antics distributes to numerous countries. What surprises you the most about the action sports industry, from a global perspective?

Sometimes I wonder why “we” don’t work more closely with each other to ensure we get kids involved in our industry, before they start playing a team sport, or picking up a tennis racquet or whatever. More kids on skateboards should be the goal – be more inclusive and make skateboarding (or surfing or what- ever) fun again. Maybe that’s why longboarding has grown so big so fast. It seems more inclusive.

Any final comments? Thoughts on the future? Future of longboarding?

I’m stoked to have Dregs and Biker involved with Antics. I can’t wait to bring some new ideas to the table and to grow Dregs and longboarding in general, if we can. I think we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg for the longboard market.

By Steve Mark The inaugural GreenSkate Victoria Longboard Cruise occurred on June 1, 2013, to coincide with the UN Earth Week. Fellow boarders came out to promote longboarding as an environmentally friendly means of transportation and recreation. The route followed the Galloping Goose Regional Trail, a multi-use path widely used by bikers, runners, pedestrians and longboarders.
The inagural Victoria Green Skate group.
By Christine Maier Photos: Petra Moser A few months on and WLC 2013 is still always on my mind, and that’s not only because we’ve already started thinking about the next one. It’s so lovely to see girls who took part in this year’s camps being stoked and amped to sign up for Euro freerides and races, and to bump into them at events and ride together, reliving those awesome days we shared in Alsace this spring. In fact, the conversation nearly always turns to it eventually when I speak to some- body about the camps. Word has started to spread – talk about the snowball effect. The Women’s Longboard Camp initiative is now in its second year, and to meet increasing demand, we took the plunge and doubled up capacities in 2013, offering two successive five-day skate camps in France.

We were thrilled to have former world champion Betty Luginbühl, current women’s champ Bekks Gemperle as well as German steezer Jay Raab on board this year’s instructor panel, completed by WLCOG, the lovely Anni Lindenmaier and our dancing queen Dani Schukalla. Unfortunately the weather was against us this year. Two weeks of nearly solid heavy rain spiked with snow toward the end is a challenge for even the most hardcore skaters and campers. Amazingly, this did not dampen the mood one bit (excuse the pun), so to skate all day, erry day is what we did no matter what. WLC also means freestyle, so we had to deal with whatever was thrown at us. We created trash-bag ponchos, for example, as well as innova- tive ways of drying wet clothes and shoes underneath the bonnet of a car (thanks, Crash Test Dummy Uldis!) and built a life-saving backyard shelter out of tarps and wood courtesy of Root Longboards’ Alex and Kevin.

Ines Rodriguez steezing the K&S track.By the time the second cohort arrived after the Koffee Schnaps freeride, sandwiched in between both camps, the campsite had turned into a muddy swamp – not particularly inviting. I could see the disbelief written in some people’s faces, but we put on a brave smile and helped the ladies settle in. The can-do attitude is quite contagious, and as such the second week turned out to be just as awesome as the first, despite worsening weather/camping/skating conditions. In skateboarding, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from or indeed how old you are.

It was just great to see several generations coming together, with riders from many different countries between the ages of 17 and 60-plus happily mingling on and off the track. When Fee and I packed up the van after those two intense weeks, reality slowly started to kick in. The lack of sleep, the coldness, the mud … We spent about a week recovering, cleaning and de- mudding the van and our gear, throwing out rusty bearings, saving hangers through brute force and copious amounts of WD-40, and so on. The event wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible crew of both instructors and on-site helpers and marshals, all of whom are absolute leg- ends. Huge props go to the Alsace Downhill crew, who looked after us day in day out, provided us with delicious food rustled up in the middle of nowhere and copious amounts of Schnaps to get the party started each night. Breakdance for life – enough said. A big thank you also goes out to our sponsors for their incessant support and belief in what we do. Please check out our website for further information, facts, figures and faces of the 2013 events. The official WLC 2013 movie is coming out soon. Drop us an email and subscribe to our newsletter. Get in touch should you be keen to start something together or support our upcoming ventures.The group takes to the hills of France.INWARD
The birth of Inward Supply is the starting point of major changes for the Canadian longboard scene. They approach the Canadian market with a new vision fueled by the passion of the brands, retailers and riders that form our vast community. Inward is proud to be announcing its partnership with Paris, Divine, Restless, Motion, Riviera, Five Mile and Gun- metal.

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